Purchasing Prints



Please use individual image numbers when ordering.

Images can be printed in any size up to 13 x 19 inches. The first number is width.

Orders for compositions exhibited at athletic-foto.com will vary somewhat with print sizes, given variations in width and height ratios.

Prints are typically made using soft gloss or brilliant gloss surfaces, but upon request can be made on matte surfaces.

All prints are unmatted.

Standard print sizes (see below) can be varied, including to constraints of “square,” 3 x 5, 16 x 9 and others, with price adjustments. Please inquire.

Notecards, with original prints 4 x 6 or smaller, are available upon inquiry.

No use rights are transferred by sale of a print and all intellectual rights are retained by Seller.

Minnesota sales tax (.07375) must be added to the gross price. Minnesota sales tax is calculated on the price of the print, shipping and handling.

Normally allow two (2) weeks to complete your order, absent other arrangements being made by Contact Us.

Standard print sizes and prices (sales tax, shipping and handling to be added) are:


      3 x 5     $5.00


      4 x 6     $10.00


      5 x 7     $15.00


    8 x 10     $20.00


  11 x 14     $25.00


  12 x 18     $35.00


  13 x 19     $40.00


athletic-foto.com is unable to exhibit all existing images from events depicted in athletic-foto.com galleries.  Please Contact Us to inquire about the availability of other images.

To place your order, please download and complete the attached form (click here), then mail the completed form and your accompanying payment by check payable to Art Matters at:

Art Matters
230 Chippewa Street
Brainerd, Minnesota 56401